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What is the Alt-Right?
What does Religion have to do with it?  
How is OMNIA training leaders to DISRUPT it?

From Fear to Faith: Reclaiming Religion's Role in Peace-Building

Around the world, political extremist groups masquerading as religious organizations, have strained interfaith relations to the breaking point.  Nowhere is this more visible than in Nigeria, where the brutal Boko Haram is expanding its murderous campaign for control, and using Islam to justify its actions.  The OMNIA Institute is engaging with both Muslim and Christian religious leaders to restore the role of faith as a force for good.   


In Context: Colonialism & Religion
in Nigeria

The Rev. Abare Kallah talks about how early Christian missionaries and Colonial "masters" teamed up to "evangelize" persons in Nigeria, resulting in a politicized and compromised theology that carry profound implications to this day. Why are there more "sons and daughters of (Muslim) Emirs" engaged in Nigerian business and politics than those of Christians?

Excerpts from the upcoming video about Nigeria Project, "From Fear to Faith: Reclaiming Religion's Role in Peace Building


OMNIA Launch Video - See why we're excited about our name, our mission, and our future!

Israel-Palestine Immersion Journey

Three Religions. One Land. And the story we don't see on the news - until NOW.  See what's in store for you on this exciting Immersion Journey to Israel-Palestine.  The OMNIA Institute leads you into the thick of the issue from a religious, political, and humanitarian point of view.  See why President Jimmy Carter referred to the Palestinian issue as the Apartheid of our time.


In Context: Muslim Women Speak Up!
Soraya Deen is a partner and founder of Muslim Women Speakers Movement.  Watch Soraya as she talks about why America needs a uniquely American Muslim movement that includes women's voices.



The Power in Loving Your Neighbor

In Nigeria OMNIA is training Christians and Muslims to become powerful leaders.  Here are two stories - one was a terrorist... the other about the terrorized.  Both found power through love.  They're just 2 of more than 400 persons becoming bold leaders for a just world.

At the Border of Hope: Nogales, Mexico

Filmed in Nogales, Mexico, see how  the OMNIA Institute's Immersion program challenges, trains, and equips faith leaders with the tools to address one the most overwhelming tragedies of our time - the plight of immigrants seeking a better life in the US. 


In Context:  
A NEW Theology to Combat Radicalization

"Any religion that... thinks that human life is collateral in order to get to the hereafter is not a religion we should even say exists," says Soraya Deen, founder of Muslim Women Speakers Movement.  In this video she discusses a New Theology in fighting online radicalization of young persons.