Anger into Courage:  A Conversation with Peace Activist Arun Gandhi

"My grandfather said anger is like electricity.  It is just as useful and just as powerful but only we use it intelligently.  It can also be just as deadly and destructive if we abuse it." Read part one of OMNIA's interview with peace activist Arun Gandhi, based on his book "The Gift of Anger: And Other Lessons from my Grandfather Mahatma Gandhi." 

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The Other Side of the Wall: An Interview with Border Activist Peg Bowden

The truth is that the immigration crisis is actually a human crisis. Once we begin to view our neighbors as humans and not illegal immigrants, community transformation can take place on a global scale in ways that rival any international philanthropy. Nobody knows that better than border activist Peg Bowden, who is author of "A Land of Hard Edges: Serving the Front Lines of the Border."

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Seeing 40 Years Into the Future

Forty years from now the world will be a vastly different place from today's. There will be 10 BILLION of us, with all of the racial, ethnic, religious, and economic diversity that such massive growth brings. Two-thirds of the world's people will  be in cities of 1 million people or more, and our most basic resources of food and water, often taken for granted today, will be in short supply.  Listen to this pivotal conversation.

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Vince Isner
OMNIA Leadership Training Draws more than 300 in Northeastern Nigeria

On July 30th a team from OMNIA arrived in the city of Gombe, Nigeria to begin a week-long series of leadership workshops. This was our second time training in Gombe. Our first had brought together more than 400 people and included four tribal rulers (chiefs), a representative of the governor of Gombe State, two members of the State Parliament, and numerous senior Muslim and Christian leaders. They gathered to learn ways in which Muslims and Christians can work together in a context in which religious tensions have given way to some of the deadliest extremist violence in the world.

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Dismantling Christianity’s Collusion with White Supremacy: A Call to Action

For the first time I was in our nation’s capital on the Fourth of July, where the choir directed by my wife Dhilanthi performed at the John F. Kennedy Center.

Later we visited the recently-opened Museum of African American History and Culture. The experience was at once inspiring and troubling.  Inspiring because so much of the distinctive texture of American life can be traced directly to its rich African American contributions.  Troubling because our nation’s shameful embrace of racism is not just a stain on our nation’s past, but a plague that threatens us still.

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