Countering Religious Extremism

Religious extremism is a massive global problem. We know about Boko Haram and the Islamic extremism it represents in Northeastern Nigeria. But many are startled to learn about Buddhist violent extremism in Sri Lanka, where, incited by extremist monks, mobs rampage against Muslims. Just over a year ago, OMNIA Institute set out to counter religious extremism by training religious leaders and people of faith around the world to dismantle old, colonially-inspired, top-down theologies, and helping them to build new, innovative, collaborative, bottom-up, contextual theologies. Read our report “Omnia’s Year of Countering Religious Extremism.”


OMNIA Newsletter: peace is gaining ground

Read about OMNIA’s peacemaking efforts around the world, including why the Parliament of the World’s Religions gave its prestigious Paul Carus award for interreligious understanding and action to OMNIA, and to two of its change agents, Rev. Abare Kallah, its lead organizer in Nigeria, and Ms. Soraya Deen its lead organizer in Women’s Initiatives and Partnerships.


Winning Hearts and minds: a strategy for engagement in northeastern nigeria

This report presents a strategic solution to the violent religious extremism in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria. It provides a contextual analysis of the current Boko Haram terror campaign, which since 2009 has destroyed over 20,000 lives and displaced over 2.6 million people, including the famed 276 Chibok girls. It details the solutions offered by OMNIA Institute for Contextual Leadership, a global leadership training institute specializing in training clergy, lay religious leaders, and people of faith.

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Interfaith Peacemaker Teams: A Strategy to counter Religious Extremism in Sri Lanka

This is a strategy proposal to address the problem of violent religious extremism in the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka. It provides historical background, contextual analysis and details the solution OMNIA Institute for Contextual Leadership offers. It will outline why OMNIA, a global leadership training institute specializing in training clergy and lay religious leaders and people of all faiths, is uniquely suited for this task.