OMNIA is working to oppose religious extremism by offering a fresh way of understanding theology. Our work with religious leaders in the Middle East, Africa, and the United States affords a unique opportunity to help end global religious extremism. The stories on this page help bring to light the bigger picture.

In what is arguably the most intractable international and social problem of our time, the Israel/Palestine conflict is deeply rooted in ancient history, religion, nationalism, military power, terrorism, global political intrigue, social justice, and human rights.  In the United States,  neither the news media nor our government is willing to report or address both sides of the issue.  This is due in large measure to the United States' historic "iron-clad" commitment to Israel and to the powerful Israel lobby.  As a result, the voice of the Palestinian people, living under a punishing illegal occupation by the Israeli government, is all but ignored.  Meanwhile, atrocities occur on an almost daily basis.  Under present conditions, a peaceful solution is virtually impossible.

OMNIA is committed to a larger vision for peace, rooted in basic human rights as expressed in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.  We are dedicated to helping to disseminate news around these issues in a broader, more inclusive context.  We're not taking political sides, but rather attempting to make sure all sides are heard. 





Our Israel/Palestine Immersion Tour will help you experience the whole story of the struggle between Israel and the Palestinian territory. Learn more here:

Three Religions. One Land. And the story we don't see on the news - until NOW.  See what's in store for you on this exciting Immersion Journey to Israel-Palestine.  OMNIA leads you into the thick of the issue from a religious, political, and humanitarian point of view.  See why President Jimmy Carter referred to the Palestinian issue as the Apartheid of our time.  Dates to be announced soon.