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Three Ways to Become a Peacemaker

1) Become an IPT member

Interfaith Peace Teams are deeply rooted in the context of each community’s needs and possibilities. This means that every team is different because every community’s needs are unique. OMNIA goes into communities by invitation only.

Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist Clergy IPT Members in Sri Lanka

Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist Clergy IPT Members in Sri Lanka

Our next step is to listen carefully to those in the community, study their needs, and work closely with those persons who emerge as community leaders. OMNIA then trains those leaders in our unique contextual method which emphasizes “L3” - listening to, learning from, and living in solidarity with those in life’s margins. We also teach how to build power and create lasting peaceful change that is rooted in social justice.

If you believe your community needs this kind of leadership and change, contact us using the button below. If you believe that you have the desire and commitment to become trained as a leader of an OMNIA Interfaith Peacemaker Team, let us know. That’s all there is to it. We’ll work with you from there.

2) be a voice for ipt

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Where peace is concerned, every voice matters! If you would like to help spread the word about OMNIA’s Interfaith Peacemaker Teams - through your publications, social media, or events, let’s talk! We can put you on our special updates mailing list and keep you in our social media loop. There’s also a chance that we might partner with your organization and help spread the word about your great work! Just use the button below and we’ll be back in touch!

3) support an ipt financially

IPT Team Training in Kandy, Sri Lanka

IPT Team Training in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Our OMNIA IPT Partners are the life-blood of our work. They recognize that the pace of human progress is measured not in headlines but in heartbeats.

Interfaith Peacemaker Teams depend heavily upon foundations and individual gifts. At-risk communities are often impoverished communities. Global conflict zones are rarely able to support leadership training. Although OMNIA’s IPT training programs are very cost efficient and eventually self-sustaining, funding is required to begin and to ramp up the process. If you believe a just and more peaceful world is not only possible, but probable, we invite you to become an OMNIA Institute Partner