The OMNIA Institute confronts some of the most intractable international and social problems of our time - conflicts deeply rooted in ancient history, religion, nationalism, terrorism, global political intrigue, the struggle for social justice, and human rights.

Our unique method of contextual leadership offers people of diverse - and sometimes profound - differences to come together to seek new ways of living and working together peacefully and productively. 

We have invested more than 40 years refining our approach, perfecting our process, and forging our partnerships. As in all relationships, progress requires time, commitment, and resources. Like one who plants a tree, we are preparing leaders to establish a new season of peace for a time they may not see.  It takes time.  But what could matter more?  

I see Omnia as an answer to the yearnings of my people.
— Rev. Abare Kallah, Gombe, Nigeria
I always subscribed to the notion that leaders are born, not made. OMNIA has helped me realize that leadership is a decision and a strategy, and it is one I have decided to embrace.
— B.J.S.