Naming it. Changing it.

A Six Week Strategy to Pull up Racism by the Roots. 


Let's fact it. Racism has been with us since our nation's founding.  Yet racism is neither natural nor inevitable.  Surprisingly, racism is rooted as much in religion as in politics. This means that eradicating racism requires a theological reckoning. 

This six-session course will expose racism's root causes, challenge theological and social assumptions, and equip you with the tools you need to replace racism with mindful, workable, and sustainable methods for creating a just and lasting path to progress.


Why They are Built. Why They Don't Work. What We Can DO About Them.

Graffiti from Israeli/Palestinian Security Wall superimposed on Jerusalem Western Wall

Graffiti from Israeli/Palestinian Security Wall superimposed on Jerusalem Western Wall

Whether the Israeli security wall cutting through the occupied West Bank, the Berlin Wall that kept communist East Berliners locked inside, or the U.S. immigration barrier along the border of the U.S. and Mexico, walls are an impediment to peace and a scourge to human progress. 

In this six-session course we will talk with the people behind the walls, reveal how propaganda distorts the reality of human suffering on the other side of freedom, and teach proven methods that leaders can use to dismantle walls and begin constructing bridges through strategic action.


How to Organize People and Money to Build a Movement

Every powerful person needs to know two things:  How to Organize People and How to Organize Money.   Whether you are running for office, mounting a movement for community transformation, or taking your mission to the next level, you need to know how to organize people and money.  You will hear from some of the top organizers who have trained, among others, one Chicago-based community organizer who would become President of the United States.